Buying Frozen Catfish Indonesia

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Frozen catfish Indonesia in a cook’s best option in many cases, this fish has many nutrition, great quality, convenient food, and sustainably sourced. Nowadays, every fish can be frozen including catfish. However, it’s important to note that you need to handle it well from the freezing point to your plate.

2 Tips To Buy Frozen Catfish Indonesia

Here are 3 tips for buying frozen catfish Indonesia. You have to know how to prepare this fish before you use it for your favorite seafood recipe.

  1. Look for eco-labels

Colles Stowell as One Fish Foundation said that a seafood has to look for the product which has eco-labels such as ‘Marine Stewardship Council’ and ‘Friend of the Sea’. Those labels can be your starting point to select frozen sea products. The labels mean that the fishermen do no harm in catching the fish. They used good fishing point so it doesn’t harm the ecosystem.

  1. Know the label

Indeed, the label says everything about the product. You may find frozen products that labeled as ‘Frozen at Sea’ (FAS) or ‘Individually Quick-Frozen’ (IQF). You need to know the difference between those labels. If you want to buy FAS products, they may be caught and frozen right away after the fishermen caught them. So, they are frozen in the same boat. This method will lock the freshness of the fish until you eat the for the IQF label, the product has been fast-frozen. The manufacturer uses a skim coat of water to lock the freshness of the fish instantly. The word ‘quick’ in the IQF label means that the frozen fish was frozen for minutes or hours. The FAS label froze in a matter of days.

You can choose both FAS and QOF labels. The nutrition is still the same, so does the taste. You can buy frozen catfish Indonesia only on

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