Condition That Live With One Lung

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one lungPeople who do not care about their life, they always do many things without aware about the effect of their lifestyle on their body. Such as when people always come to a club and is always near in the smoker people, they can get a deadly disease such as they live with one lung because the other lung is removed caused by that deadly disease. Fortunately, there is still one lung although the lung must be forced to work to make you can still breath, you must grateful because you do not need to change your lung into an electronic lung that will always stay in your body to make you still live.

Hard To Live With One Lung

When you live with one lung, of course, there is the effect of having the only lung, especially after you remove your lung. Usually, after people do the operation to remove one of their two lungs, they must wait 4 to 8 weeks if there is the effect after an operation. Their one lung also needs to adapt to do respiration process harder than before because there is still one lung in the body. If you have both good functions of the lungs, you can do respiration process easily, you can breathe the air that is full of oxygen and produces carbon dioxide because of that respiration process. If you have one lung, it looks like you cannot inhale and exhale well because you pushed your lung to work the same as when you have two lungs.

People can survive with one lung. Now if you live with one lung, you must maintain yourself especially your lung because you will not good in breather with only one lung. Although after the operation you can quickly to recover, you will breathe hard because of your lung but it cannot happen if your only lung is healthy.

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