All About Correctional Services Learnership

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Correctional Services LearnershipDo you want to get job in South Africa? If you are the citizen of this country, nowadays there is a program called Correctional Services Learnership from the government. It is actually an internship program provided by South African government in order to ease the high number of unemployment in this country. Of course, it will make young people in this country get more chance to get job. In addition, do you know well about this kind of program? For those who are so curious about the program, you can find a further information in the explanation as below.

About Correctional Services Learnership

When we talk about Correctional Services Learnership, indeed the first thing which all people will think is about the activities done by the candidates. Here, you who have joined the program are going to get the knowledge in contributing the rehabilitation of prisoners. In this case, there is 30 percent for theory and then 70 percent for practice. The practice here is done in the workplace directly so that the candidates can understand well what they should do after signing the contract as employee.

Furthermore, when you want to join this kind of program indeed you should have Grade 12 certificate and NQV level 4 certificates. Then the ages that are allowed to join the program are between 21 and 35 years old. No criminal record is another requirement. For the next requirements are all of the applicants have such a strong character. If you have all of the requirements, now you are able to apply from November to December each year. In Correctional Services Learnership program, all the accommodations, meals and uniform are free. It means that there is nothing to worry about all of the things above since you do not spend too much money in joining the internship program.

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