Danger Of Bringing Phone To Toilets

admin   March 27, 2017   Comments Off on Danger Of Bringing Phone To Toilets

Health tipsThe mobile phone is like the first necessary that everyone needs so that they can live on this earth. There are so many people declare that they can not live without having their mobile phone around them. Most of them are using their mobile phone to keep contact with their society. That is why mobile phone being important of them, most people also using their mobile phone to get rid the boredom that they had. If they are bringing their phone they will not feels the boredom anymore because mobile phone has so many things that you can play with. Many of them also bring their mobile phone into the toilets. But did you know that bringing the phone to the toilets is dangerous?

If you are having a business with your stomach better to not bringing your phone into the toilets. Although that your toilets are dry so that your phone will not get wet but this is not on your phone but it is more about your healthy body, you phone is the places of the bacteria, if you are playing with your phone and wash your part of the body with the same hand that after hold the phone will make the bacteria move out into your body. That is why you should not bring your phone to the toilets. Those bacteria in your phone will be moved into your body.

You will not know about what the disease they will make, but you need to remember that most of the disease are caused by bacteria. To avoid that you do not allow to bring your mobile phone to the toilets again. You’re better-got boredom than you are got the strange disease caused by the bacteria that stays on your phone. Even though that you are washing your hands first it is still too risky to bring you mobile phone to the toilet.

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