Devein White Shrimp

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When you look at your white shrimp that just you bought and if there is a think and dark tube, it’s called the vein of a shrimp. Actually, it is a shrimp poop. For your information, the vein is not risky to eat, but we prefer to not eat them. The vein can contain sand. As we know that it has an unpleasant texture and it can lead to taste to be bitter. How to devein them? It’s actually easy. There are some methods to devein a shrimp. The first method just asks the fishmonger or the fish seller. But if you want to devein them by yourself, you can check the steps below.

How To Get Rid Of White Shrimp Vein

Getting rid of white shrimp vein is pretty easy. You can do it by yourself. Just use a paring knife and you can begin to make a shallow cut through the shell. Remember to cut a shallow from the shrimp’s back. From the top to the bottom, pick out the vein with a paring knife. If you have a shrimp deveined, you can use them and it easier to devein. You just need to spend less than five dollars to buy this deveined.

If you pre-cooked the shrimp in order to thaw them, just don’t. Pre-cooked also called overcooked shrimp. The taste often bland rubberily. Because the shrimp already cooked, you can’t give another flavor and it will end up taste dry. Some manufacturers also give additives to the shrimp in order to increase the thawed shelf life and keep the moisture. This trick also works to make the shrimp look bigger. Make sure the label said ‘Shrimp’ before you decided to buy them. If you can’t devein the white shrimp, you can buy them only on The shrimps are already thawed.

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