The Edible Parts Of Tuna

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The fresh tuna is one of the best menus for your meals. Almost every part or tuna can be consumed in a different way. It is not only for meat, even tails of tuna also can be cooked well. Actually, there are three most favorite types of tuna which are albacore, yellowfin, and skipjack. Three of them have the best part to eat. Nowadays, you can also easily find tuna in various packaging. If you want to take tuna for two days more, so you can choose frozen tuna. Meanwhile, there is also canned tuna that make it easier to store.

Part Of Fresh Tuna For Any Selection Menu

If you prefer fresh tuna, so make sure that you cook it right after you buy it. The fresh one cannot say for a long time as like as canned or frozen tuna. As mentioned before, there are a lot of part of tuna that can be cooked. For the first, you can try to cook meat in the tail of tuna to mix it with your main menu. Meat in the tail is the cheapest one but still be tenderized by using oil, salt, or vinegar.

Second, you can also serve the belly part of tuna in braised or raw. It is the most expensive part of tuna since it is the most delicious, tender, and fatter part. If you prefer to consume the meat of tuna, so you can take the belly part rather than another part. Third, you can also choose filet tuna which has incredibly tasty and versatile part. However, you have to treat it well since it will be dried out easily when you overcooked it. Last, you can also choose collar part of tuna which is a rare part. To find all of them all, you can check it on

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