Emoji Meanings You May Curious About

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emoji meanings iphone

You may love to use that wink face emoji or that thumbs up emoji on your online chatting. Well, that emoji meaning is able to be known easily. However, some emoji meanings iPhone may have a different meaning that you have interpreted up to now. It is possible that you may think that the emoji means that you cry a little, but the meaning intended by the creator is actually different with your interpretation. Now, are you curious about some of those emoji meanings? So, check this out!

Emoji Meanings Iphone That You May Curious About

Let’s begin with the emoticon or emoji of a girl who looks like she is flipping her hair. Well, for this emoticon, you may think that it means a hair flip which then makes you use this when you are trying to be cheeky or sassy. However, the true meaning of this emoticon is actually about information desk person. Emoji meanings iPhone that you may interpret differently is the see-no-evil monkey emoji. Many persons are more likely to use this emoticon when they want to show that cute expression of saying “oops” when you are surprised at things or something. Then, what are the other emotions that you may get it wrong?

Another emoticon that you may interpret differently is the emoticon of two girls with bunny ears. You may ever use this emoticon to show that you are best friend with someone or to show that you are having fun with your friend together. However, what this emoticon actually means is the Japanese version of Playboy bunnies. Moreover, there is also the emoji with two X eyes. You may use this emoticon to show that someone is dying or use it when you feel dizzy. However, this emoji meanings iPhone is actually an astonished face.

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