Four Best Tips to Stay Healthy during Traveling

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There are a lot of people who love to travel around the world. Maintaining our health during our trip is very important because in foreign place, you never know what may happen to you. In this article, we will give several suggestions to stay healthy during your trip.

Tips for Healthy Traveling

You can read the explanation of each tips on the list below:

  • Combating jet lag: combating jet lag completely is nearly impossible. However, there are always some ways to reduce the effect. Make sure to set your phone to local time on the plane to avoid confusion. Try to sleep during your flight and avoid alcohol. Once you arrived, feel the sunlight and fresh air.
  • Be careful with what you eat: when you visit foreign country, you do not know whether the hygiene of their food is guaranteed or not. If you can, make sure to always purchase the peeled, boiled, or baked one. Make sure the food you choose is cooked properly to avoid food poisoning.
  • Stay hydrated: most travelers often forget to drink enough water during their trip. However, this is very important, especially if you are visiting country with hot weather. Always stock at least a bottle of mineral water with you and drink it whenever you feel thirsty.
  • Sun and heat: for those who plan to visit countries with high sunlight exposure, it is suggested to wear cover up and hat under your lightweight clothing instead of applying sunscreen. If you want to stay outside for a long time, cover yourself with umbrella. If you do not want to cover up to avoid sunburns.

Those are several tips to maintain your health during traveling to other countries. Make sure to do some research beforehand and get yourself vaccinated to avoid getting sick during your vacation.

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