Get Old Plexiglass To New Look

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Due to the transparent nature, plexiglass is the best material to substitute traditional glass. With high durability and stronger material, it still has low price rather than the usual glass. Since it produced from tough plastic, it will not crack or break easily. The only problem with this material is it is easy to get scratch and will be old in some years. However, you can still restore the old one to the new one by some steps. So, you do not need to get the new one to get a clean look at your windows or doors.

Change Your Old Plexiglass To New Look

Don’t worry if your plexiglass is getting dirt and old. You can still restore your old windows with this material to get a new look. Actually, there are some ways to clean the old window with much dirt. For the first, you can use detergent to use clean all the dust and dirt. If you have allergic to detergent, so you can wear gloves to protect your skin. Just dip a sponge into detergent or cleaning solution then wipe it gently on it. Then, rinse it with water and wipe with dry cloth.

After the glass dries off, you can use some sandpaper to reside some scratches on it. Just spray all the sandpaper on the glass. Then, you can buff the soft cloth in a circular motion to restore the shine. On the other hand, you can also use mild buffing solution for perfect cleaning methods. Then, clean it for a while. Spray it around with water then wipe it off cleanly. After that, you can just set it dry at least a day. If there is still dirt, so you can follow the steps from the beginning until it dry. For more review, just visit

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