Hemorrhoid Treatment

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Health tipsHemorrhoid is a common condition which faced by many people around the world. It brings on convenience feeling for everyone since the itchiness and hot sensation comes easily. In general, this condition represents the vessel blood that is getting bigger and swallowed because of several factors. Knowing the cause why the symptoms come along need to do to avoid further medication.

Basically, constipation is one of common cause why people suffer from hemorrhoid. As long as the fesses stiff and hard, it will hurt the bottom no matter would that means. When this condition happens, it becomes the reactive thing to strain in order to let it out. Thus, evaluating the diet meals whether having a good amount of fiber has been developed or yet is necessary. Rather than making the volume fesses bulkier, fiber will help to make the transition period of fesses shorter, then the absorption of exceeding water that can potentially make the texture harder can be avoided. In addition, when people get hemorrhoid because of this matter, the doctor should prescribe laxative medicine. It will enhance the texture softer. Thus, the irritation that caused from straining is reduced simultaneously. Besides that, to help to prevent the irritation and inflammation near the bottoms, taking paracetamol sounds reasonable. It will help people relieve from this symptom.

On the other hand, doing prevention to this disease need to be done regularly. It is important to wipe the bottoms after having bladder with the soft tissue rather than dry and hard ones. It will help removing the water and other dirt without causing skin irritation. However, changing lifestyle by eating nutritional and balanced food is better rather than applying home remedies. Taking whole grain, cereal, fruit, and vegetables daily are needed to let this symptom far away. Moreover, eliminating frying food and spicy taste can be developed too related to this matter.

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