Prevention For Alzheimer

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Health tipsYou may have known what Alzheimer is since nowadays the number of the sufferers of this disease have been increased. It is actually a disease that will attack the brain cells of the patient and because of it the function of the brain is disturbed. Those who have been attacked by Alzheimer can face many problems like forgetfulness, understanding words, changing the mood, changing personality and much more. For the severe impact, the sufferers can forget all the things about their life.

Then for the exact cause has not been known. However, some factors will make Alzheimer can cause a higher risk of it. For instance, are the age, family history, severe head injury, and lifestyle. For those who are worried about the disease here, there are several things which can be the prevention of Alzheimer. What are they?

  1. Keeping brain to be active

What does it mean? Here it means that you should make your brain to work. The way is simple since what to do is you can just play puzzles and another thing that makes the brain works.

  1. Doing exercises regularly

As we know doing exercises is a good thing since it can help your body to stay healthy. In fact, people can prevent Alzheimer by doing it as well. The exercises that are able to be chosen are like balance exercises and resistance training.

  1. Reducing to eat fat

Instead of eating food with fats, here you should consume food with plenty of vitamin E. To much-consuming fats indeed will cause many healthy problems, not only Alzheimer but also many other diseases.

  1. Maintaining to be active in social life

Since the common sufferers are the age more than 85 it is nice for you now to maintain to be active in social life. By doing this of course you can interact and communicate with others in which it is good for the brain.

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