Simple Street Taco Recipe

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street taco recipeDo you like food? If you do, then which is food that becomes your favorite? If you love western food then have you ever tried this Mexican food which is definitely delicious? Yes, it is called a taco. You can see that this food has many fans around the world. It is a snack, but a meal though because it will be enough to make you satisfied. Try this street taco recipe at home if you would like to taste this food. Well, it will be your favorite in a sudden; if you do not believe it you can prove it. Try this easy recipe below.

Healthy Homemade Street Taco Recipe

Well, this food called taco is a Mexican food which is very famous among people around the world. Usually, you can enjoy this food as Food Street that will be able to make your stomach satisfied. In this time, why not you make it. Usually, for Mexican people itself, they will make this food when they have a leisure day. In this day, they will make taco as a way to be grateful to God. They are still healthy and able to eat a taco. Then, how to make that street taco recipe? Well, you can make this taco easily by following the steps below.

First, you need to prepare the material like a tortilla, carne asada, jalapeno, and also diced tomatoes, red onion, lime juice, and olive oil. The next step is the making of street taco recipe. You need to heat the tortilla in microwave until it is crunchy for about three minutes. After that, you can mix jalapeno, lime juice, red onion, and also tomatoes into on. The moment when the tortilla is done you can put the Carne to that tortilla, and then add the mixture after that. The last you can spread salsa on your tortilla, and finally, you can enjoy the bite.

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