Smartphone Tips To Preserve Battery

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Smartphone TipsYour smartphones may be changed regularly. A year or two-year update may be necessary if you like the newest smartphones. However, some people really want to hang their phone for a quite a long time. Unfortunately, it is impossible because such technology is not designed to last very long time. The battery, for instance, only lasts for 3 years, especially without proper care. Therefore, it is highly recommended to know smartphone tips to preserve the battery life.

Preserving Battery With Smartphone Tips

The first thing that you can do for retaining your battery capability is simply by not overcharging it. Overcharging is harmful to the battery because it is like filling the balloon to beyond its limit. Fortunately, our smartphone battery can endure such the electricity coming into the battery and that is why your battery does not explode. However, as suggested by smartphone tips, it is essential to keep it charged maximally at 99% for the sake of overcharge. Similarly, it is also not advised – though it is okay – to let your battery drained to 0%. Once in a month of such discharging method is good for battery calibration. However, it is not good if you do that too often.

Another thing that you should consider is that battery is not strong enough to endure harsh weather. Beware of very cold and very hot weather because it can make your battery damaged. There will be no physical sign indicating the damage. However, you will feel that your phone is getting discharged quickly than ever. If you want to know more about how to preserve battery life, it is highly recommended to go to There are so many interesting stories and information about how people use their smartphones especially in terms of preserving battery. That way, you will be able to use your phone to its full potential.

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