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Newest Android Nougat Update

android nougatAs the time goes by you will meet something new, better, and upgraded, just like this technology Smartphone. This is the result of the advance of the phone since the first time it was coming. The smartphone can be Android and also iOS, but if you use Android here you must know right if this Android has its operation system and the latest version is called nougat. Well, here you will get things dealing with android nougat update. This latest version will include several features that will make you comfortable in using the Smartphone. You need to know this because it can be your reference sometimes if you want to change the operation system used on your Android.

Android Nougat Update For You To Know

Well, let’s talk about the update of this nougat. This will be different and more advanced than the previous one. This operation system will have a feature called multi windows.  Do you know about this feature? If you are the user of Samsung or windows Smartphone then you must be familiar with this one. Even apple lastly also adding multi windows feature for their iPad. Moreover, now Android nougat update will feature multi-windows to all of Android device which applies this operation system.

The next thing that you can find in this nougat is that you can find this feature that makes you able to see two tabs in Chrome. It is almost the same with the previous best feature, this will enable you to open and see two tabs of chrome at the same time. It works almost like multi windows, but it is all about multi tab in google chrome application. Well, that’s all for the android nougat update in this time. Actually, there will be more and more feature new in this new version of android. You can look for it sometimes.