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Health Tips For Your Liver

Health tipsThe liver is one of the parts of the body and it is very important for you. It is because of the function of the liver that will help your body to keep or maintain the body metabolism. The liver is the organ that can filter the poison inside of the body, such as the danger of the pollution, food additive, and other poison. If you keep your heart well, it also means that you protect your body from the poison or the dangerous materials that go into your body, and materials that dangerous or the poison is from the food that you consume or the drink, and also it comes from when you breathe the air.

You have to know that the worst pollution becomes one of the most dangerous problems, nowadays. And that pollution problem does not just impact the human life, but for the planet and the environment. So, keep or caring your liver health is very important for you to make your body can protect from the pollution. There are some herbal medicines that can maintain your liver. The first is Taraxacum Officinale or Dandelion root. Dandelion root is the plant that is famous in the world health. Actually, the Dandelion root is the weed and some people also does not really like this weed. It is because the seal that is painted.

The Dandelion root is the best weed or herbal medicine that can maintain the liver. The second is Milk Thistle or Silybum Marianum that has the Silymarin compound. That compound will protect the liver, and it will hamper the substance that will damage the liver. The Silymarin will also stimulate the regeneration liver cells if it gets the damage. Silymarin will also restrain the depletion of the glutathione, which is the nutrition of the most nutrition for the liver to filter the poisons.

Tips To Prevent Altitude Sickness

Health tipsAltitude sickness is a common sickness which usually appears on someone who is traveling especially those who do climbing or going to a higher elevation rapidly. It is because we will get lower oxygen level and air pressure as we climb higher. In this case, we may be able to handle the move; however, it takes time for our body to adjust to the condition gradually. Now, let’s learn the tips to prevent the altitude sickness in this following information.

Firstly, you should climb unhurriedly. For your information, two to three days are needed for your body to adjust the change of high elevation. To avoid altitude sickness, it is recommended for you to climb higher each day then stop to take a rest. You can continue the climbing in the next day. On the other hand, if you need to drive or fly to go up there, you should choose lower altitude first to stay for about 24 hours before you continue the journey. Secondly, you need to consume carbohydrates. You should forget about your diet when you are going to higher altitude. In order to stay healthy in the higher altitude, you need to get enough calories. In this case, you may need to eat additional carbohydrates in order to stay energized. At this point, you are supposed to bring an adequate amount of healthy snack. Don’t forget to take whole grains as well.

Thirdly, you should avoid alcohol and cigarette as well. This kind of things will trigger altitude sickness, so you are better to avoid it. Next, it is also good for you to drink enough water to stay hydrated. It is surely an important part of preventing this sickness, so don’t forget to drink your water frequently. Lastly, you should climb at a pace which is comfy for you.

Hemorrhoid Treatment

Health tipsHemorrhoid is a common condition which faced by many people around the world. It brings on convenience feeling for everyone since the itchiness and hot sensation comes easily. In general, this condition represents the vessel blood that is getting bigger and swallowed because of several factors. Knowing the cause why the symptoms come along need to do to avoid further medication.

Basically, constipation is one of common cause why people suffer from hemorrhoid. As long as the fesses stiff and hard, it will hurt the bottom no matter would that means. When this condition happens, it becomes the reactive thing to strain in order to let it out. Thus, evaluating the diet meals whether having a good amount of fiber has been developed or yet is necessary. Rather than making the volume fesses bulkier, fiber will help to make the transition period of fesses shorter, then the absorption of exceeding water that can potentially make the texture harder can be avoided. In addition, when people get hemorrhoid because of this matter, the doctor should prescribe laxative medicine. It will enhance the texture softer. Thus, the irritation that caused from straining is reduced simultaneously. Besides that, to help to prevent the irritation and inflammation near the bottoms, taking paracetamol sounds reasonable. It will help people relieve from this symptom.

On the other hand, doing prevention to this disease need to be done regularly. It is important to wipe the bottoms after having bladder with the soft tissue rather than dry and hard ones. It will help removing the water and other dirt without causing skin irritation. However, changing lifestyle by eating nutritional and balanced food is better rather than applying home remedies. Taking whole grain, cereal, fruit, and vegetables daily are needed to let this symptom far away. Moreover, eliminating frying food and spicy taste can be developed too related to this matter.

Prevention For Alzheimer

Health tipsYou may have known what Alzheimer is since nowadays the number of the sufferers of this disease have been increased. It is actually a disease that will attack the brain cells of the patient and because of it the function of the brain is disturbed. Those who have been attacked by Alzheimer can face many problems like forgetfulness, understanding words, changing the mood, changing personality and much more. For the severe impact, the sufferers can forget all the things about their life.

Then for the exact cause has not been known. However, some factors will make Alzheimer can cause a higher risk of it. For instance, are the age, family history, severe head injury, and lifestyle. For those who are worried about the disease here, there are several things which can be the prevention of Alzheimer. What are they?

  1. Keeping brain to be active

What does it mean? Here it means that you should make your brain to work. The way is simple since what to do is you can just play puzzles and another thing that makes the brain works.

  1. Doing exercises regularly

As we know doing exercises is a good thing since it can help your body to stay healthy. In fact, people can prevent Alzheimer by doing it as well. The exercises that are able to be chosen are like balance exercises and resistance training.

  1. Reducing to eat fat

Instead of eating food with fats, here you should consume food with plenty of vitamin E. To much-consuming fats indeed will cause many healthy problems, not only Alzheimer but also many other diseases.

  1. Maintaining to be active in social life

Since the common sufferers are the age more than 85 it is nice for you now to maintain to be active in social life. By doing this of course you can interact and communicate with others in which it is good for the brain.

Green Coffee And Your Healthy

Health tipsHave you ever consumed the green coffee? Or you don’t know what is the green coffee? Green coffee is the coffee seed that does not bake yet. The baking process can decrease the contained of chlorogenate acid, so the green coffee has the chlorogenate acid level than other kinds of coffee. What is the benefit of green coffee for your healthy? What is the bad effect when you consume it too much? If you want to know the information about the green coffee, just stay on this article.

The Green Coffee: The Benefits And The Bad Effects.

As you know before, the green coffee full of the chlorogenate acid that gives the benefits for your healthy. What are they? The first, you can decrease your weight with consuming the green coffee because this green coffee will decrease the fats on your body and your weight because of the caffeine and the chlorogenate acid. The next, you can decrease your blood pressure with consuming this drink. After that, you also can increase your mood because the green coffee beside that, you also can increase your cognitive process because of the caffeine in the green coffee, like memory, focus, immunity, and other factors. The next benefits, you can make the green coffee as your antioxidant that can decrease the damage of your body cells. The chlorogenate acid that contained on the green coffee also can prevent the growth of cancer cells.

To get the benefit of the green coffee, you should have the limitation when consuming it. For every benefit, you should have the correct doses. You can consume the green coffee maximize 480 milligrams per day maximize 12 weeks. As the general, the caffeine that contained on the green coffee will give you the effect like insomnia, stomachache, increase your heart beat, and other bad effects when you consume the green coffee too much. Thank you for reading the article!

Danger Of Bringing Phone To Toilets

Health tipsThe mobile phone is like the first necessary that everyone needs so that they can live on this earth. There are so many people declare that they can not live without having their mobile phone around them. Most of them are using their mobile phone to keep contact with their society. That is why mobile phone being important of them, most people also using their mobile phone to get rid the boredom that they had. If they are bringing their phone they will not feels the boredom anymore because mobile phone has so many things that you can play with. Many of them also bring their mobile phone into the toilets. But did you know that bringing the phone to the toilets is dangerous?

If you are having a business with your stomach better to not bringing your phone into the toilets. Although that your toilets are dry so that your phone will not get wet but this is not on your phone but it is more about your healthy body, you phone is the places of the bacteria, if you are playing with your phone and wash your part of the body with the same hand that after hold the phone will make the bacteria move out into your body. That is why you should not bring your phone to the toilets. Those bacteria in your phone will be moved into your body.

You will not know about what the disease they will make, but you need to remember that most of the disease are caused by bacteria. To avoid that you do not allow to bring your mobile phone to the toilets again. You’re better-got boredom than you are got the strange disease caused by the bacteria that stays on your phone. Even though that you are washing your hands first it is still too risky to bring you mobile phone to the toilet.