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Knowing How To Get Rid Of Kissing Bugs

how to get rid of kissing bugsKissing bugs is a member of insects that takes blood as its foods. With the length in average 0.7 cm, wingless, and have color in dark brown or black with a red spot at the bodies, it can carry parasite to human and pet once it sucks the blood. In short, it is as dangerous as a certain type of mosquito so that people should be aware and know how to get rid of kissing bugs naturally. When the sucks are left behind along with bad immunity system is getting lower, it will cause serious disease named Chagas. People around the US will not be familiar with this condition since the natural habitat for this insect is near hot and tropical areas.

Knowing Deep How To Get Rid Of Kissing Bugs

The main important thing when people want to know how to get rid of kissing bugs is they need to alert the favorite spots where people can find them easily. Just like any other insects, it becomes easy to find it around the area where the pet is living. When it is hard to control wild pets, who crawl and run outside the house, it is strongly advised to clean the pets regularly and let them sleeping inside the house. Besides that, the insect would like to live in dark and dirt area where rodents and mice live. Both animals like to enter the house when there are holes in the woods along the windows. Therefore, people need to seal it carefully to avoid the chance they enter the house.

In addition, it is also advised to clean up the woods and rocks that are up against the house in one attempt to apply how to get rid of kissing bugs naturally. Meanwhile, since the bugs like to live and create colony under bed and mattress, it is advised to clean this area and suck the spot using a vacuum to pull up the bugs out of the area. Overall, by doing this comprehensive system and keep the house neat and tidy, the opportunity to find it in numbers would be reduced automatically.