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5 Simple Habit How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise Or Diet

how to lose weightFollowing and sticking with a diet program can be a trouble for someone like me who can’t control my lust of eating this and that, and also a lazy-cat-type-of-a-person but want to get back to shape, lmao! Therefore, I decided to start diet habit where it doesn’t involve scheduled menu or exercise. If you keep reading this I will take you to the secret of how to lose weight fast!

How To Lose Weight Fast With Simple Habit

If you are also the type of person like me, you are on the right track. *high five*. So, here goes 5 simple habit how to lose weight fast without exercise or diet:

  1. Get yourself smaller portion

Get yourself just a little less from usual portion might be helping you eat significantly less food and it you will get used to that portion.

  1. Avoid stress and sleep well

Sleep is just a regular activity but it has a big impact on your body. Sleep deprivation and stress bringing powerful effects on your weight.

  1. Keep your unhealthy foods out of sight

Closets and cupboard can be the safest place to place your unhealthy foods out of sight so they have a small possibility to seduce you when you are hungry. On the other hand, keep your healthy foods on the spot table area.

  1. Drink water regularly

A small action that has big effects is drinking water. Drinking water before eating can give the sensation of feeling full so you will eat less.

  1. Eat lots of proteins

Proteins can do the magic which it can reduce the hunger and help you consume fewer calories. Protein-rich foods are including; egg, chicken breast, fish, and almond.

So, the secrets are so easy to do, right? Well, now you can stop wondering how to lose weight fast because I shared with you.