The Uses And Benefits Of Carrageenan

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I discuss how to cultivate seaweed, this time we will discuss what are the content and benefits of seaweed. Maybe most of us already know that seaweed is good for our health, but actually, there are other benefits we need to know. Seaweed which is commonly used by carrageenan powder manufacturer as a raw material of the processed food is the type of dried Euchemuma Cotonii. Want to know what are the uses and benefits of this seaweed or carrageenan especially in the field of pharmacy industry, cosmetic and biotechnology? Check out the following description.

The Uses And Benefits Of Carrageenan In Food Industry

We’ve all eaten jelly, have not we? Well, this jelly is the simplest processed food made from gelatin or carrageenan made by carrageenan powder manufacturer. Production of jelly on the market is usually mixed with other food ingredients such as fruit, bean extract. The purpose of the addition of jelly, carrageenan, or alginate is among others to be able to get a certain texture, including one for diet foods, stabilizers, thickeners, and so forth. If in the canned food industry, such as fish or meat in cans, it all requires thickening, gelling, and suspending by utilizing agar and carrageenan. This is done so that the product in the can has the ability to melting temperature and gel strength becomes higher.

The Uses And Benefits Of Carrageenan In Pharmacy, Cosmetic, And Bio-Technology Industry

The factors that affecting seaweed in the pharmaceutical industry include physical-chemical properties of primary and secondary metabolite compounds produced, for example, jelly, carrageenan (iota, kappa, and lambda) and alginate. Well, these compounds act as suspending agents, thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer, film former, coating agent, gelling agent, and so on. In the cosmetics industry, the use of carrageenan is commonly used for cream soap products, liquid soaps, shampoos, lotions, lip coloring toothpaste and skincare products such as hand body lotions and desserts as well as hair lotions. The products we used to wear every day were mostly made of seaweed material made by carrageenan powder manufacturer. Mostly for use in the food field. Use in the field of biotechnology is approximately only about 9%, which is used as a medium to grow microbes, such as bacteria, fungi, yeast, microalgae. Another use as a medium in seed propagation industry in network culture. In addition to food, the use of carrageenan made by kappa powder manufacturer in non-food industries such as animal feed industry, ceramics, paint, textile, paper and photographic filmmaking.

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