Verticulture: Green And Clean Backyard Garden Ideas

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donzhomeIs your backyard useless? Are you using your backyard just for saving some useless tools? Here a backyard garden ideas for you, so You should try to change your backyard being more useful for you. What are you feeling if you can eat vegetables and fruits from your backyard? It’s so enjoyable, right? Have you not a large backyard? Never mind! Here you will get some explanations about verticulture to make your backyard garden be green and clean. Let’s check this out!

Have Small Backyard Garden? Try Verticulture!

What is verticulture? May some individuals familiar with this word or some of them practice velticulture already? For a small backyard, verticulture can be alternative to make your garden more green and clean. Verticulture is a method of planting that arranged the plant vertically, that why peoples call it verticulture from vertical and culture. You can plant chili, tomatoes, spinach, eggplant, and another vegetables. You also plant some vine fruit like cucumber, passion fruit, and others. Let’s make verticulture as your Backyard garden ideas! You need some used bottles as growing media, some rope to tie the bottles with others, organic soil,  plant seed, fertilizers and etc. The first step, you should cut the bottles vertically so you can use the bottles to plant the plant seed. After cutting the bottles, you should prepare organic soil and fertilizers then mix them. After that put the soil into the bottles, and then put the plant seed into the bottles with soils.

After you plant all seeds, you can hang the bottle on your fence. So simple right? You can harvest and consume your own vegetables or fruits that you plant. Beside that, this verticulture method can make your backyard more beauty. Here some tips about your backyard garden ideas, want to more backyard garden ideas? Visit

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