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Beauty CareIt is always interesting when people talk about lice. Since many times before the presence of this bug becomes trouble. Parents will be worried when their kids have lice on their head. It is not about applying for lice medicine on the head. But, it is more important to avoid the lice grow and duplicate. By visit this web-site; people will get certain information about this matter. In fact, the Caucasoid race has more possibilities in getting this bug rather than American in black skin. It is not about racism. But, it is a study related to the historical background that affects this matter with no limit.

Visit This Web-site About Black People And Lice

Based on animal anatomy studies, lice is not specific to white people. If there is a question about do black people have lice? The answer is yes. Even though the rate to be infected is lower, it does not mean that black people are clean for this bug attacks. On a visit this web-site, they explain why the rate in black people is quite lower than white people. It can be seen by the fact that the difference texture in hair makes the rates different too. Somehow, it becomes nonsense to talk about hair texture. But, when it happens for small creatures, it could be a big trouble.

Meanwhile, based on data at visit this web-site directly, white people have rounded texture and black people have oval texture. As the lice need to crawl to move and duplicate, the small feet they have will meet difficulties for this matter. They will slip and getting flipped easily. Due to this matter, the survival rate becomes lower. On the opposite, in rounded texture, the uniformity in texture can eat the lice to crawl and stay. Therefore, they can survive and live longer at this typical hair.

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