Xbox One; Why Aren’t They Release Pokemon Games?

admin   November 23, 2017   Comments Off on Xbox One; Why Aren’t They Release Pokemon Games?

Pokemon Games For Xbox OneWhy aren’t they release Pokemon Games for Xbox One? For the people who are Pokemon lovers, asking about this question might be some routine, until they can find the main reason for this case. As we know, until today, there are still no Pokemon games that can be played on the device of Xbox One. Of course, it becomes the problem for some people, since they might need any Pokemon games that are available to be played using Xbox One device. Actually, there is a big reason behind it that makes Pokemon games still not available for Xbox One. Are you curious about the reason behind it? Please, read the following paragraphs for more information.

Why Aren’t They Release Pokemon Games for Xbox One? What is The Reason?

For those who are still curious about the reason why aren’t they release Pokemon games for Xbox One, this information will be very helpful to answer your curiosity. Actually, Nintendo develops Pokemon games. Yet, Nintendo has relationship with 3DS and DS, which are also a good gaming device. Because of this reason, Nintendo might do not have any intention to publish the Pokemon Games series for Xbox One, since both of the companies come from different sides, so it is something impossible to see both of the companies are joined each other.

So, the conclusion is that Pokemon games might be not available for Xbox One since Nintendo have its own gaming device. It is something that really related to the business side and the company tricks to monopolizing the Pokemon. This trick is important to keep the gamers to use Nintendo device rather than using the other Xbox One. So, what do you think about the reason behind this issue? That is all the information about the reason behind why aren’t they release Pokemon games for Xbox One for you.

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